3 reasons to rely on JDS Home Inspection Services

As a Realtor, your goal is to help your clients find properties that fit their needs and budgets. With the help of a certified home inspector, you can give your clients a more comprehensive look at their potential home purchases.

Here are a few good reasons to work with us:

  1. We help your clients to look at the bigger picture, rather than focus on cosmetic defects.
  2. You can show your clients you care about saving them money on an affordable and reliable home inspector.
  3. You can direct your clients to a skilled professional who can address any defects in their prospective home.

Turn to JDS Home Inspection Services to get reliable guidance for your clients.

Why should I recommend you as my home inspector?

As the owner and operator of JDS Home Inspection Services LLC, I appreciate and respect that you have many options to choose from when it comes to recommending a home inspector. I’m always happy to meet with Realtors to discuss their home inspection concerns, in person or over the phone, and I do everything within my power to address these concerns before ever meeting with your clients.

My goal is to be the professional home inspector Realtors trust when they put their buyers or sellers in my hands. I take this responsibility very seriously, and am here to assist them through this sensitive part of the transaction, not aggravate or overwhelm them.

Prior to inspection, I discuss with you and your client the importance of looking at the bigger picture. Every home has its flaws; but not every flaw needs to be addressed immediately or referred for expensive repairs. I understand the importance of keeping a level head on one’s shoulders when reviewing the home inspection report. This is why I’m available even after the inspection to answer any questions or concerns.

I respect your referrals.

Offering my services to your clients shows them that you care about saving them money on their new purchase. I understand that my service may be essential to the completion of your real estate transaction as well as your client’s peace of mind, so my aim is to make the process as painless as possible… and a positive experience for everyone! As the owner and operator of JDS Home Inspection Services LLC, you have my full attention; I’m here for you and your client.

Let JDS Home Inspection Services take the headache out of home inspection.