A pre-listing inspection is a great way to show prospective buyers that you’ve taken the condition of the property into account when setting the asking price. You should schedule an inspection before putting your home on the market so you can:

  1. Make repairs that may enhance the value of your home
  2. Offer a comprehensive property disclosure to prospective buyers
  3. Speed up the closing time by encouraging buyers to waive the inspection objection deadline

You can count on JDS Home Inspection Services to help you find and address any defects in your home.

Why should I get a pre-inspection before selling my home?

If you’re looking to sell your home, a seller’s pre-inspection is an affordable way to make your home more desirable to buyers and speed up time to closing.

With your seller’s pre-inspection report you can:

Make repairs that you deem necessary to increase the value of your home.

Offer a more comprehensive seller’s property disclosure to prospective buyers.

Encourage buyers to waive the inspection objection deadline and speed up time to closing.

JDS Home Inspection Services LLC provides honest, thorough, efficient, and affordable certified home inspections to aid you in the sale of your home.

Why should I have my home inspected prior to or after upgrades?

If you’re looking to upgrade or renovate your home, having your home inspected prior to and after renovations is important. Here’s why…

A detailed home inspection prior to renovations will tell you whether the fixtures in your home are up to date, getting ready to expire under warranty, or installed correctly, so you may plan and prioritize your home improvement projects appropriately.

Many avoidable accidents in the home (even potentially fatal ones) are the result of poorly or incorrectly installed upgrades. Whether you tackle your home improvement project yourself or hire an outside contractor, human error has the potential to lead to dangerous or expensive results.

When you choose JDS Home Inspection Services LLC to perform your pre-renovation inspection, we’ll come back and inspect again after renovations are complete for a fraction of the price, giving you the peace of mind that your upgrades were installed correctly and the service you received was of the best quality.

Let JDS Home Inspection Services take the headache out of home inspection.